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Discontinued Red Wing Shoes




Discontinued Red Wing Shoes


Dear valued customer,

Red Wing have informed us that their shoe models 6602, 6604 and 6607 will be discontinued from April, 1 this year.

Since these models have been quite popular throughout the industry, Red Wing have upgraded them and offer replacement styles from now on.

If you enquire one of these styles please use now the models 8204 or 8207. Both models are ASTM F2413-11 certified and are of same construction and design as the old models, but in addition feature a puncture resistant midsole. 8204 is an Oxford design safety shoe, whereas 8207 is a slip on type.

If you enquire one of these styles in two colours (black and brown), please use now the new models 6703/6704 or 6646/6647. Both numbers refer to the same shoe, either in black or brown colour.

Models 6703/6704 are Oxford type shoes and feature an aluminium toe cap and antistatic properties. Their sole is directly stitched to the upper in an Opanka construction, which is a feature of premium quality footwear.

Styles 6646/6647 are slip on shoes, which feature a steel toe cap and electric hazard capability. They are ASTM certified. Their sole is cemented to the upper.

Both models are comfortable to wear throughout the day and made of premium leather practically identical to the renowned Red Wing quality that you have experienced over the years.

For further informations, please contact us.



The perfect Sole for the Industry




 The perfect Sole for the Industry
Red Wing "Supersole


Red Wing Supersole Video on Youtube

Dear Valued Customer,

The Red Wing Supersole has achieved high credits from customers around the world for being the most sophisticated sole on Industrial Footwear over several generations.

Red Wing have now published a video on Youtube, which highlights the features of this sole and also shows a range of applications on Red Wing’s famous safety footwear.

We hereby enclose a link for you to see and enjoy this video, which may contain important information also for your requirements.


For further information on the subject kindly contact us under our address <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> or through your local Mercanta dealer.



Throw Matters!


Fires in tank farms may grow out of control without adequate fire-fighting equipment. The potential damage to the industrial plant, the environment and the financial loss may accumulate to excessive figures.

The tank farm fire at the Buncefield Oil Storage Depot in UK on December 11, 2005, is such a frightening example. It took 1.000 fire-fighters, 750.000 litres of foam concentrate and 55 Million litres of water to fully extinguish the fire. The overall quantifiable financial loss has been estimated to reach 1 Billion GBP.

The fire-fighting crews are exposed to excessive radiant heat, smoke pollution and the risk of explosion. Keeping them at distance from the fire (with the minimum distance dictated by the dykes around the tanks) and allowing them to apply high volumes of extinguishing liquid is of paramount importance and demands high performance fire-fighting vehicles.

Rosenbauer have recently delivered high performance industrial fire-fighting trucks to a customer in Kuwait and have successfully passed the at site performance test requiring a throw distance of 106 meters and reaching a height of 20m (which is corresponding to the height of their storage tanks).

The actual performance achieved at 7 bars hydrant feeding pressure has been a throw distance of 120 meters and the height of 20 m has been obtained at 100 meters distance, i. e. the full top area of the tank has been covered. The output volume of the Rosenbauer roof monitor RM 130 has been 13.400 lpm at a nozzle pressure of 13 bars.

The Rosenbauer balanced pressure foam proportioning system “Hydromatic 300” supplied the 3% FP foam admixing rate.

Attached photos nos. 1 and 2 show the throw performance of the Rosenbauer RM 130 during the at site test.
Photo no. 3 shows an actual tank fire with a fire-fighting vehicle applying liquid to the tank wall which provides cooling only but is not considered to achieve a knock-down of the fire.

Attachment shows the throw range graph of the roof monitor Rosenbauer RM 130.

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