Red Wing Price List 2015

Dear Valued Business Partner,

Over the past two decades Red Wing Shoe Company’s international footprint has grown at an incredible pace. Together, we have created a team of experts who provide world class solutions and a support network to key industries worldwide. Red Wing’s vision has always been, and will continue to be, to provide critical support for our business partners as we build our international business. In the process of this building, Red Wing Shoes must also evolve to ensure that our practices are sustainable so we can continue to make appropriate investments throughout the world in order to support this long term vision.

Therefore, Red Wing Shoe Company is announcing a considerable change in their price structure as of beginning of March. This is the result of a global change in the cost of raw material and production during the past two years, which Red Wing Shoe Company have absorbed so far. As of March, 1 of 2015, however, Red Wing has to introduce a new pricelist for all of their products resulting in a price increase of their footwear and in some cases to a decrease in their price of garments. This happens due to a continuous increase in leather prices worldwide and also due to a decrease of cotton prices.

Red Wing will introduce their new pricelist as of March, 1 and
they do honour purchase orders until that date for the old prices.

There will be absolutely no exception for whatever reason.

Being Red Wing’s authorised distributors in Libya we shall have to follow their company rules. This means that we shall honour all purchase orders received by us until February, 27 of 2015 for the offered prices. Projects that have been offered for and will not be ordered until that date will have to be re-quoted and the prices will have to be adjusted to current values.

Therefore, we strongly recommend to place your purchase order for Red Wing products until the end of this month if you intend to buy Red Wing products, because we absolutely cannot extend the value of our offers after March, 1.

We thank you for your kind cooperation in this matter and we assure you of our best attention at all times.

In case you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Faithfully Yours,

Volker Schramböck
Senior Commercial Manager

Keimlgutgasse 37

4040 Linz - AUSTRIA
Tel:  +43 732 73 81 62-21

Fax: +43 732 73 81 62-9
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